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Healing Hands Scrubs Giveaway to Heroes

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Nurses on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis deserve support, safety, and comfort. To recognize these heroes, Healing Hands, a quality provider of fashionable and comfortable scrubs and uniforms, has partnered with allnurses to support front line caregivers by providing free scrubs!

If your hospital or healthcare facility is in need of scrubs to help protect nurses working through the COVID-19 pandemic, please complete the Nomination Form here and be eligible to receive 100 pairs of scrubs at no cost. We appreciate your hard work, dedication, bravery, and resilience. It has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for being our heroes!

Enter to Win Scrubs TODAY!

Sponsored by Healing Hands

Visit Healing Hands At age 42, sportswear industry executive and Healing Hands’ founder Bansi Lakhani suffered a massive heart attack. Recovering from open-heart surgery, he was struck by the critical role of his nurses, who he called “healing angels.” According to Lakhani, “They cared for me like family. It struck me that they deserve better looking, more comfortable uniforms – ones that make them feel good, look good, and perform well.

In addition, he cares so deeply about nurses that he often includes personal, unique messages printed inside their scrubs to uplift the professionals who wear them and show appreciation for the work they do.

Don’t wait, nominate your healthcare facility today!


Note: Unfortunately, due to increased demand because of COVID-19, we do not have men’s scrubs at this time.

adventure_rn, BSN

Specializes in NICU, PICU.

That's so sweet--I really enjoyed hearing about their founder.

I love, love, love my Healing Hands. They're so comfortable, and mine haven't shown any wear after two years.

Fantastic, Thank you Healing Hands!

The link says that they are no longer accepting requests...