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Headset w/microphone


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I need to have a computer headset with microphone for one of my courses. Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive, reliable one? The price range is tremendous.

Thank you!


Has 20+ years experience.

I got the cheapest pair at Walmart for about 15 bucks and it has lasted me three semesters so far!

zmansc, ASN, RN

Specializes in Emergency.

If all your going to be using it for is online chatting, then almost any headset will do fine. If you are going to be doing dictation with it, that's a different story, you will need a high quality headset and those are the more expensive ones.

mtsteelhorse, if you get a chance please PM me. I do not have the credentials to PM yet, but would like to discuss EKU with you. Hope to hear from you soon.