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Head Start —- How to Prepare


Specializes in LPN - Geriatrics, LTC, AL, Psych. Has 5 years experience.


I've been an LPN since 2016, but I’ve mostly worked in Admin.... so I am pretty rusty when it comes to floor nursing.

On July 6th I’m starting an accelerated BSN program. A few years ago I attempted an LPN to ADN bridge, but I didn’t make it past the first quarter. I was working 40+ hours a week and just didn’t have the time to study..... this time is different. I am not working during the time I’m in school, except maybe a PRN shift on occasion. I waited to start this journey until my husband and I got our house/family/finances in a position that I would be able to have the time to put in.

So, due to the issues from the last time I attempted, I am on academic probation...I HAVE to do my best.

I have 2 weeks before classes start and I really want to get a head start.

My classes this quarter are:

A & P 1 - Theory

A & P 1 - Lab

College Math


a Study Skills Class

How would you suggest that I prepare?