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head lice at camp

by campnurse campnurse (New) New

Hi, I was wondering how all my fellow camp nurses enjoyed themselves this summer. Was it different then you expected for the newcomers? I had a great time and look forward to next summer with a little less rain.

I was wondering if anyone had problems with Head Lice? We had our usual # of cases especially the international campers. I heard that some of the camps hired professionals to check heads, what a luxury. How does this work, do they also do the nit picking? Is this something that is scheduled before camp or as the need arises. I am very jealous.

We had a child go into anaphalaxis from touching a rabitt. It was really a quick reaction, and he was lucky that the infirmary was close to the nature shack. He had no history of any allergies on his form. His mom was amazed and very greatful to our great emergency care. Hope to hear from you about the Lice issue. Have a great year. lori

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