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HCC Plant City, anyone taken A&P II class?

Hello all,

I am finishing my pre-reqs for the nursing program at the HCC Plant City campus. A&P II is my last pre-req to go before I apply, however after the first week I am really nervous. I currently have a 4.0 GPA on my pre-reqs, and felt confident going into this class (was supposed to be one teacher, but changed at the last moment). I have just finished the first week, and I am not sure if I can pass this class or not. Has anyone here taken A&P II and if so, do you have any helpful advice?

We have just finished the endocrine system, I read this chapter during the summer and thought I understood it. However, in class it feels like I know nothing when she goes over the material. If anyone has any advice on her class, such as teaching styles, points to focus on in her class, or the like I would greatly appreciate it.



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