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HCC Coleman ADN Students

Hi! I'm currently working on my pre-reqs, and will have completed them by the end of Fall 12 semester. I have to take Pharmacology before I can start classes at Coleman in Fall 13. The only thing I have in the way is that I'm getting married on March 9,13...right in the middle of Spring 13 semester.

Do you know if Coleman offers online or distance courses that aren't a traditional 18 week course? Say if I wanted to take a 10 week summer course in 13?

Would you recommend this? I can't take the class until I've finished A&P II, which I'm doing in fall. Or, can I take Pharm along with my 4 classes this Fall? I really, really want to start Coleman Fall of 13!

Are you asking if they offer Pharm in a mini session. Then yes they do but only in the summer. Fall and Spring are full 16 weeks unless they change it. I am in the summer session right now and its a lot of work but doable. Have you taken the Teas yet and have you been to the ER session? If you go online and find the application packet it will tell you all the things you need to be able to submit your application. Then they will give you permission to take pharm. You can not take it without it.


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