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Just wondering if someone has worked for both here in SW FL. I currently work for HMA (dislike). I am going to an HCA facility..any thoughts?

Also working for an HMA facility and so truly unhappy. I would love to get out but I'm afraid all places will be the same. Would also like to hear about HCA and other nurses' experiences.


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i work for hca in Margate. i have been with them about a month. not so bad so far. i came from the northeast. i was pleasantly surprised.


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i work at hca south florida miami area , its the worst pharmacy and med pass are unbearable, very dangerous patient nurse ratios 1;9 1;8 even once 1;10 tele/med surg mix floors

I worked at an HCA hospital for six months and left. Very little support. Of course, it was thirty years ago. But I was a patient, in one, last Christmas. My experience was a good one. The nurses averaged six to eight patients, 7AM to 7PM and eight to ten, 7PM to 7AM. I was satisfied. My SIL was also a patient there, for back surgery, several weeks ago. His experience was good as well. My daughter was a patient, two weeks ago, on the surgical unit. Her experience was terrible.