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Hazelwood Act and BSN?


Anyone use the Hazelwood Act to recieve a 2nd degree BSN?

I have a BS MIS and also a TX Vet eligible to recieve the Hazelwoodact, hopefully to recieve a BSN.

Please let me know if it can be done, and what school you attended! Thanks in advance! (Looking for SA or Austin area)

If you actually qualify for Hazelwood then you can use it for any degree you want. Including PHD but it is only good at state supported schools. Basically you get 150 credits to use as you see fit. They do have stipulations on who qualifies and it is a little more indeph besides being from Texas. You will figure it out when fill out the application for it. Just curious are you eligible for New GI bill if so I recommend you check it out. It is a great deal!

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