UH Manoa GEPN (Qs from an undergrad)

  1. Hi all! Hope all is well with all of you!

    A little about myself. I'm a 4th year undergrad majoring in B.S. bio and minoring in English. I've been looking at the GEPN program at UH for a while now and have been trying to find more information on the statistics of applicants and matriculants, but to no avail. While I do have the coordinator as a valuable resource, I've also hope I can use this site as an additional one.

    Basically: how was the application process for you, which field do you plan (or are doing) to do, your background, and (if it is okay with you) your GPA? From your experience, how heavily does GPA matter as well as exposure to the field (workwise, volunteer, shadow, etc.)? Any tips?

    Thank you!
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