The waiting game starts...

  1. Yay my application was just sent for Fall 2012 to KCC and UH. Now I gotta wait about 3-4 months to see if I get accepted/waitlisted/rejected. Hmmm. Anyone else in this forum in the same boat?
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  3. by   helloheather13
    meeee! trying not to obsess too much, but its hard when you have been working on this for a very long time! fingers crossed and good luck to you!
  4. by   NeekoDango
    round 2 for me! hope 2nd time is the charm!
  5. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    Did you guys get a notice that your application was received? I sent mines in on the 3rd but I didn't receive a notice...yet. You're suppose to get a notice right? Something that says they received your app and its not missing any pieces?
  6. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    nvm just got it today. now the waiting game really starts. i really hope i get in this semester.
  7. by   helloheather13
    i got my notice, now just waiting...
    whats are your stats if you don't mind me asking..

    could have done better on the nln, but got a 131

    pgpa is 4.0
    cgpa is 3.8

    trying to keep a positive attitude aloha!
  8. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    wow you have great stats. i only have a 3.7 pgpa, 3.5 cgpa, and 125 nln. 85 is my highest individual. kinda did bad on my others...but still above 75. hope i get in. so lucky that kcc accepts work experience tho. hehe.
  9. by   helloheather13
    i got a 92 verbal, 76 math ;/ and 82 science, its all so nerve racking trying to compare yourself to others! but fingers crossed for both of us!!
  10. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    I wish I could speed up time a bit...up to March/April. hehe
  11. by   NeekoDango
    I hand delivered my application on the 4th and have yet to recieve anything from the nursing department in specific. I did recieve a packet from UH Manoa Admissions office in regards to my system was such a fake out to cause the packet said "congratulations" on it!
  12. by   helloheather13
    i just read one of your old posts and got a little scared neeko! i did decent on the nln, but my scores are not all above 85, only one is hope that at least my gpa/cgpa helps....
  13. by   NeekoDango
    I honestly think you'll get in just fine=p, looking at your stats, they'd be a fool not to take you! From hat i recall, they take your highest catagory from the nln to factor into the point system.
  14. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    Wait, so you don't receive anything from the nursing department? Just the UH admissions "congratulations?" How do we know the nursing department receives it?

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