Please help - I need to make a decision!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an OR nurse and I have been offered two jobs - one at the Kapi'olani Women's and Children's Hospital in Honolulu, and the other at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. I am having a terrible time making a decision, since each job and each place offers it's own pros and cons. I was wondering if anyone has worked in either (or hopefully both) of these places, and has any insights to offer. I need to make a decision soon, since I don't want to keep either employer hanging. Please help if you can, and thanks!!
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  3. by   bear611
    Wow what a choice Honolulu is sweet (I've been here 25 years) but you have to live close by. A car in that area is not fun nor is commuting, not great public transport. I'm assuming it's a travel gig and I've not heard bad things about About Kap., 13 wks in Hawaii, hmmm. good luck.