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  1. Moving to Maui by end of 2017 (don't try to talk me out of it). I have two years RN experience currently, will have three by the time I move. My specialty is Emergency. What's going on with MMMC and Kaiser? Good or bad? I wanted to move sooner, but I noticed last time when I was there in August that the takeover wasn't going as smoothly as anticipated and got delayed, I read bad things about nursing prospects d/t that. Is that still the case? Also, if I get my hawaii license prior to moving, how likely am I to get a job? I see they have plenty of openings even now as I type, but I know many places are skeptical of hiring people newly from the mainland because a lot of people don't stay.
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    I would love to know how this turns out for you. I'm thinking about a move out to the islands myself.
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    I would like to know what happened. Still thinking about going and would love to know more info...