LPN's on the Big Island/Commuting

  1. Hi,

    My partner and I are considering a move to the Big Island -- housing prices are relatively lower there and, of course, it is beautiful....I think. Never been! Anyway, he is an LPN/LVN. I have searched the websites and I have yet to see an LPN position on the Big Island, except for temporary or part time positions. If you please,

    1) Is it hard to find an LPN job on the Big Island?
    2) Hamakua looks beautiful! Is it possible to commute from there to Hilo or Kamuela?
    3) Are jobs more available on Kauai or Maui (we won't do Oahu, and we won't cross picket lines).

    We went to Hawaii for the first time in April --went to Molokai and fell completely head over hills in love. Never been to any of the other islands.

    We no longer wish to be mainlanders. We promise to be GREAT Hawaiians. I promise to even learn Hawaiian (right now and listening to lots of Hapa!). Ask Pele to create a job for us!

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