Kapiolani Community College ADN Spring 2018

  1. Hello!

    Just wondering if anyone else was applying for KCC's ADN program for Spring 2018? I'm working on my application right now and still have to take my TEAS. I'm nervous about the exam b/c I've never taken this version before. I've read that it was easier for some people and pretty general in the science section and I've heard opposite.

    I purchased the online exam from the ATI website and wanted to know how it compares to the actual exam. Was it pretty similar?

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  3. by   faith808RN
    Hello there!
    ATI website and the book will prepare you for TEAS exam. Took mines few years ago and I think they have a newer version now so not sure if it's similar. Graduated at kcc last semester lpn-rn transition and it was a brutal program. Good luck!