How to become CNA,MA, PCT?

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    I just moved to Oahu. I graduated from an RN program in California and will be sitting for the NCLEX-RN in a few weeks. But I know RN jobs are tough in HI. I've been looking at CNA, MA, and PCT jobs but I'm confused about how I go about getting those certifications. Do I have to do a certificate program for each of those or can I test for them since I have an RN degree? Any help to lead me down the right path is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Junebug903
    IDK about HI, but I may have a difficulty getting an LVN job when I return to the states, I emailed the CA BON about being able to work as a CNA...they said yes, as long as I work under that scope of practice. Email your BON.
  4. by   bellatrixrn
    You can usually work at any of the hospitals as a CNA after the first year of nursing school. You don't need CNA certification. I'm not sure about MA or PCT. You might be asked to provide a transcript as proof.