Critical Care at Queens - got hours available?

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    In scrolling through and doing a bit of reading I'm getting mixed reviews on Nursing in Oahu. I saw a few openings at Queens for NSICU and for MICU RNs. I'm wondering how the culture is there. And if there really are jobs. Anyone know how the units in critical care mesh between docs, nurses and administration?

    I work in a big teaching hospital and I love it. I want to work in Hawaii, but I actually want to work - I'm not interested in small hospitals. I love my level 1 university hospital, but just looking to get some freakin' sun. Previous posts I read stated that nurses are being called off at Queens. That's happening here (Portland OR) too, but "seasonally" - at least let's hope that's what's going on. We haven't had overtime in Ptown for several months which is unusual. They've actually hired too many nurses here. So I'm wondering if that's the case in Oahu.

    Thanks for any input on the subject.
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