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  1. Hi nurses, I just want to ask if how long to get att from Hawaii Bon, cgfns issued report on March 9 and I sent my application last March 10, and according to tracking from post office they received my document March 13. Just wondering until now the check havent cash out yet.

    Please any response. Thank you
    International graduate here from Philippines.
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  3. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    I would call the BON to check on your application. I'm not a international graduate and don't know about the CGFNS stuff though, so that may take a bit longer. Did you apply to NCSBN/PearsonVue yet? NCSBN/PearsonVue will give you the ATT once they know that your application was approved by the BON.
  4. by   NurseApzy
    Thank you for your response!
    I have an account already at pearsonvue the one I used when I took nclex pn here in california.
  5. by   Ashmi11
    Hi..I am a international student,am trying to take nclex from Hawaii..I already got my CES report but I never took a license exam in my I eligible to give nclex in so confused plz help me
  6. by   peanutski
    Have you heard about your att from BON Hawaii? I'm still waiting for mine too. I called them 2 weeks ago and they said, it can take 1 month to max of 3 mos.

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