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Is California so saturated with travel nurses that there are no positions worth taking? What is up with that? California is usually on the lists of states begging for Nurses to fill the slots. Did everyone move to California or what?????

Or am I sitting with the wrong company.

Perplexed and sitting , waiting for the good one to come around the corner.

This is so unusal for this area is it just me or is anyone else having this problem in thier speciality?



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Zoe, I think that may be more due to the time of the year...as soon as the holidays are over, I am sure that your agency will be contacting you.

Although by reports, there have been some positive changes with some hospitals...California and Nevada lead the way with the nursing shortage, and because California is pretty expensive to live, I don't see a mass exodus from other parts of the country to there.

Good luck!

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The companies I work with would kill for a Cali nurse. if you want my company names PM me.



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I have been trying since last fall to get to Florida. I asked for anywhere between Gainesville and Sarasota in NICU. All the companies I'm registered with say that it is very difficult to get anything in Florida in NICU, Peds or L&D for some reason. Does anyone know why?

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I thought about going on staff in Florida for the winter before I took this job. I wonder if it is because some of the hospitals there hire winterbird staff of their own so they don't use as much travelers.


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MEthe babies,

The problem is your department (NICU/peds/LD). The pedi department in my last hospital (550 bed+) had maybe 4 patients at any given time. If you were Onco/medsurg/geriatric/cardiac/neuro, you could pick your spot. And given that in the winter, the increase in population in 60 years old or more, well, not a lot of kiddies in that group.

Orlando might have a few spots, or Miami, or Jacksonville. But in most hospitals - the baby/child population is stable and has plenty of nurses. It's the elderly population that is large, and few nurses want to work with them.


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There's always Alaska... hehe


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i have been a travel nurse in California for over two yrs now. Never have a problem finding a new assignment. I tend to agree with carol. Your specialty has a lot to do with availability

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Zoe I am getting scads of calls for Cali travel positions. Did you find something yet?



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Deleted by JNJ - I muddled two responses and forgot Zoe is a cardiac RN.

For anyone in peds. Children's Hospital in SD is using "loads of travelers" per the onc. charge last night ( I was just visiting).

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