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Having difficulty with Maternal NANDA


Hey all. How does one find an appropriate NANDA for a perfectly healthy patient in labor? My school requires us to do 2 care plans one psychosocial and one pathophysio. I have no trouble with my psychosocial but I am having difficulty with my pathophysio since they are not allowing use to use for nandas constipation, pain nor infection. I was thinking of Using risk for injury since my patient decided to get an epidural. She was very tense and kept moving which was hurting her and so the anesthesiologist took a long time because the patient was not listening to instructions... She was perfectly healthy overall so I don't know how I can make up a patho NANDA for her. She did have HTN with a diastolic of 140 but went down 30 minutes after she received her epidural. Anyone have any suggestions? Would greatly appreciate it

Kuriin, BSN, RN

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If she wants an epidural, what are some potential risks that may rise when giving birth? Is this a primigravida or multigravida? There are always risks to labor.

I agree with the above poster. It's good you mentioned epidural. What are the risks for epidural? You could start with that. Look up in you drug guide & you will have plenty of "risk for" care plans to choose from.