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Have you seen residents do this?

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1. Have you too seen residents wheel themselves up the the med cart and try to reach into the sharps container on the side?

2. Where do the CNAs discard used razors in your facility?

Thank you for your input everybody!

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

Has 10 years experience.

1. No, haven't had any trying to reach inside the sharps container. But have had a few dementia patients who will look at it and try to touch it. But I have seen drugged out family members/visitors try to reach in to it..my only guess is they were hoping that maybe there was a syringe in there with a little bit of ..whatever their drug of choice was.

2. Our CNA's put used disposable razors in the sharps containers in the residents bathroom.


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Yes, I've seen them try and do that. Always dementia patients in wheelchairs - it's practically at eye level and very colorful!!! Razors go in sharps containers in the bathrooms.


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