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Have any nursing students had to apply for reinstatement during nursing school?


Just wondering if any of you nursing students have ever had to reapply for reinstatement for your nursing program? If so, did you make it through school ok? It knocked my confidence down tremendously...anyone else in the same boat?

I broke my leg during my 2nd semester and had to drop my classes, which resulted in my GPA not being high enough to stay in the program. I was kicked out, and I had to write an appeal letter, which they thankfully accepted. They NEVER do this for students. Typically, you have to wait 2 years before you can apply for the program again. However, with my circumstances, I was given a second chance. I just cannot fail any class. I have 2 semesters left! So looking forward to graduation next May! Good luck to you...life happens and sometimes you just need a second chance. Life doesn't stop during school. You'll do fine. :)