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Has anyone used the NCSBN NCLEX prep? Know of any affordable NCLEX prep?


I can't afford Uworld or the other big ones right now ­čś× Have any of you guys used the NCLEX prep provided by the NCSBN? I might be able to afford it. If anyone knows of any affordable NCLEX prep, please let me know! I'm broke RN and will barely be able to pay to take my NCLEX exam as it is


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The NCSBN was available for $14 but now it doesn't look like its available anymore. If your funds are limited, and you have to pay $70 - I don't think I would do it unless you are testing in 5 weeks or less. I've read a lot about the "Lacharity" prioritization and from what I can tell its about $40. I don't have that, but I would get it and a couple of the free apps and maybe the Saunders book if you can afford that too. The goal here is to do as many questions as you can.

or maybe...

Go to nursing.com and sign up for their free account (free because of Covid through May 15). They are a great resource. Chat with them. See what they have available within your budget.