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Has anyone taken College Algebra for ISU

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by Hummer07 Hummer07 (New Member) New Member

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Has anyone taken the exam to test out of the College Algebra in Phase 1.

How hard was the exam? How many questions? I'm in San Bernardino,Ca

Having a hard time with this math. Any advice will be appreciated.

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I will be starting to study for the Algebra Clep shortly. I will be using a College Algebra book that has been recommended to me. Beginning Algebra 9th Edition is one of the best books out there. It is by Lial, Hornsby, McGinnis. I am told it will teach you everything you need to pass the Clep. There is also a web site out there with 3 practice tests to take to see how well you are doing. www.petersons.com

I will be taking my 4th CLEP test next week. It is the Information Systems/Computer Application test. YUK!!!!!

I am hoping to enroll in Phase 2 next fall if i bust my you know what =)

Good Luck...


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