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Has anyone completed the LVN to RN program at LBCC?


Specializes in Internal Medicine. Has 6 years experience.

Hey all,

I recently applied to LBCC LVN to RN Fall 2020 program. I'm anxiously waiting to receive my email correspondence letting me know if I made the cut. I'm curious to hear from past students whom successfully completed the bridge program. While my GPA for the core sciences is relatively low, my overall GPA is high. During the info session, they did say some students often apply 2-3 times. I'm curious if having my LVN license actually increases my chances of getting in the first time, due to a smaller pool of applicants. Also one last thing, I read somewhere in another thread that this year many student's failed to apply online therefor greatly decreasing the number of applicants. Can anyone confirm this?

I believe it’s all about availability space for us LVN’s..... and I hope that we did get a better chance to get chosen if many failed to apply online.... I’m still anxiously waiting for my notification as well.