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Has anyone called their state BON after taking NCLEX and been told their results?

Has anyone tried to call their state BON office right after they take the NCLEX to see if they passed?

Generally, only Pearson Vue will have your results 48 hours after testing. I believe they then release the results to the BON so its doubtful your BON will even have those results right after the exam.

Update: I was actually able to see that I was issued a license about 5 hours after taking the NCLEX by searching my name under license verification! NJ has a reputation for being very slow but so far I received my ATT a week after graduation and was able to see that I am in fact licensed (aka passed) a few hours just after taking the NCLEX. I finished my exam around 10, called around 12 and they were willing to help me out but said Pearson Vue hadn't sent them anything yet! Couple hours later (around 2:30, 30 minutes after my scheduled end time had I used the full 6 hours) there it was; my license #, Registered Professional Nurse, Active!


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