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Has anyone attempted to get into the Baptist School of Health Professions in San Anto

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Please help! I'm trying to get accepted here and I have about a 3.67 GPA for the prereqs they require, but my overall GPA for nonprereq courses in a 3.8. I just took the NET today, and I don't know how I did. Does anyone have any info on what the average GPA accepted is, whether they only look at the prereqs or overall GPA, and also what the average test scores are for people accepted? Thanks!:D

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xobeckyxo specializes in Student.

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Everyone is so worried sick about getting accepted. I know I was. I applied to both SAC and Baptist and I got into both. I had an overall GPA of 3.9 but with just the prereqs they require I had more like a 3.6 or something like that. Sounds like your grades are excellent and you really shouldn't have to worry! And honestly I can't even remember what I got on the NET...something in the 70's is ringing a bell. I know there are people that did better than I did on it. A friend of mine had A's and B's but the school somehow marked her as having three C's!!! And she STILL got in! BUt this was for the RN program that started in 2008 and we will be graduating May 2010. I know they have expanded and accepted way more students now. The tests are tough but if you are dedicated and read, read, read you will be fine. Hope you get in!!


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