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Harper vs CLC : Which Program?

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by GOAL2BRN GOAL2BRN (New Member) New Member

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At the time of this post I have been accepted into Harper's Nursing program for the Spring 2018 start. I have also applied to the College of Lake County and their decision will be made within the next 3-4 weeks.

I was wondering if there are any recent grads or current students of either of these nursing programs. How are you doing in the program? Are you satisfied? Disappointed? I just want to make the right decision.

I was leaning toward the College of Lake County because they have a night program. I am married and a stay at home mom to a 16 month old son. We will have to place him in daycare either way now but with night school it will be fewer hours which means less $$$. However, it seems that Harper has a better reputation and the NCLEX pass rates are a bit higher as is job placement stats after graduation.

Anyone have any advice or guidance here?! Thank you!

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