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hard to find PCT job

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hi everyone,

i have been looking for a job for 3-4 month since i finished my PCT. but haven't got any call. i am foreign educated RN and have 7 month of experince working as a RNin foreign country. and 3 yrs of internship as a student nurse while in school. right now working toward preperation for NCLEX-RN examination.still i don't get any interview call. Please, give me some advise that can help me to find a job.

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KaTers419 works as a PCT, Unit Clerk, Monitor Tech.

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I would call the HR dept of the hospital/NH/ALF and let them know you filled out the ap and would like to make sure they recieved it. Thats how I ended up getting some of my interviews. Filling aps out online is great but I have found that they dont get them right away unless you call and give them a heads up. Just a thought... Or if you know someone already working somewhere. Knowing people makes it easier to get in.

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