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Haloperidol Short Acting INJECTION in LTAC

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Hi, doing some research and trying to figure out if haloperidol lactate injection is administered for acute episodes of schizophrenia or Tourette's in LTAC, and if yes - how often.

Please help.


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I asked psychiatry consultant (MD) and his answer was that specifically in LTACH he would try whatever else is available first in acute situation till newer atypical med(s) kick in. His rationale was that "acute" LTACH patients almost always got there because of medically complex problems and he wouldn't feel safe playing with QT prolongation, NMS, urinary retention, etc. Neither he would enjoy other consulting services calling him at all times and asking if he could give something else because of side effects they are trying to avoid/treat.

The place in question has approximately 50% of "chronic ICU" unstable or minimally stable cases and the rest are patients who truly belong to med/surg, wounds/burns, specialty units, etc., but have too many or too complex problems (including acute mental health) to be successfully managed there.

Hope it helps.

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