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Had to add a class to my schedule

I'm taking courses from two colleges, and they have a consortium agreement for financial aid purposes, but for scholarship consideration, I need to be at 12 credits at the "home" institution. I'm taking Spanish 102 (4 credits), Chem 101 & 101L (4 credits), and a choir class at my home institution. At the host institution, I'm taking Math 143 college algebra (3 credits). So, I needed 3 more credits at the home institution. I decided to take my nutrition class, because it's 3 credits. Please tell me I'm going to be able to handle all this!!!

It is a lot to juggle, but I think that you can probably succeed in these classes if you stay organized, get assignments, readings, and projects done ahead of time, and prioritize. Keep school and your health as the focus. Are you also working?


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