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Hackensack University Medical Center: yes or no??


I am actively interviewing for an RN job, and have since interviewed with Hackensack (a former employer)

I have been hearing varying opinions of them as employers and am wondering what the consensus is, considering they are not union.


working there now, to sum it up in a nutshell. Great benefits, competitive pay with good differentials and up to par staffing standards. Nursing education and such are awesome especially for Critical care. If you get offered the position I say go for it, great place to learn.


Were u able to get the job?? I thinking to apply there too. It really is a good hospital.


Specializes in Emergency and Trauma. Has 7 years experience.

Definitely a great place to work, if you can get in the door, you are part of a good family.

Finishing a new Cancer Center and starting build a dedicated Heart Hospital.

Good stuff

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