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Hackensack UMC, New Jersey


I was just hired as a part-time nursing assistant at Hackensack UMC. My shift will be 3pm-11pm. One question I had is, how does shift differential pay works and weekend pay? I will be working every other weekend. I already know my actual pay by hour ofcourse. But from many people I've heard that you get paid more after a certain hour in the evening& get paid more on the weekends.

Thanks Guys

Talk with the person that hired you, or simply look at your hiring packet if you got one. What you already know is your pay is the 2nd shift position. Everyone that is on second shifts starting rate is where you are at. Every place can be different in what they pay per shift and weekends and holidays, and usually the 3rd shift gets the biggest differential.

For an example 1st shift gets 9.00 and hour start rate 2nd gets 9.50 and 3rd gets 10.00. Weekends usually is a few cents more then what you are making during the week. For instance 10.00 an hour and make 10.65 for weekend. Holidays sometimes it is time and a half, or even double time..

Hope that helps a little to explaining how it works.

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Okay, it makes a little more sense now. Thanks for your response!