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Hackathon Healthcare


I found this while looking for another news topic:....... Seems like a good opportunity for Nurses to be involved in ideas of affordable Healthcare

ProPublica is holding its first ever hackathon to celebrate the recent launch of our Vital Signs API. Sponsored by Yelp, we're inviting participants to Chicago to create solutions for helping patients receive better, more affordable health care.

Over two days, participants will work together in small teams to explore, identify and prototype tools to help patients access the best possible care. Speakers will present information on the challenges of identifying quality, cost-effective care; how patients view quality metrics; and existing tools for matching patients with providers that meet their needs.

We welcome industry practitioners who want to build tools for use in hospitals, insurance networks and other professional settings, as well as developers, advocates, students and patients seeking to empower consumers with tools for making more informed choices about their health care.

ProPublica is Hosting a Hackathon in Chicago to Design Innovative New Health Care Solutions - ProPublica