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H.S. Senior searching for direction

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Hi everyone,

I'm apart of the class of 2019. In the fall will attend City Tech to pursue a career as a nurse (like everyone else here). However I feel like i don't know quite how to set myself on the path to do so. Can anyone give me advice on what I need to do or focus on the moment I step onto campus. Any other tip to get admitted to the program or other program reccomendations will also be greatly appreciated.

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Go see an educational adviser ASAP. Hopefully your school has one that helps nursing students in particular.

Nursing - Nursing/AAS

Nursing - Nursing/BS

Turns out that your school has both the AS and BS degree. Complete the requirements for both so that you'll be able to apply to both programs. You will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN when you graduate anyway.

I strongly recommend that you take classes over the summer at a community college that satisfies your nursing school requirements. Community college is cheaper and you'll graduate sooner with the more classes you take. Bear in mind that in some schools, they would prefer you to take Anatomy and Physiology at the same school.

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