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guam nurses

by mayumi17 mayumi17 (New) New

hi guys

im planning to be a nurse in guam, i cannot find the requirements on the net. may be u can help me wat are the requirements i need to work in guam. im a registered nurse in the philippines. thank you!

Please take the time to do some reading on this forum, there is much already posted here concerning Guam and its licensing issues. Are you actually planning to work there or going thru there just for licensure?

Be aware that their BON is not computerized and they do everything by snail mail. So it will take you much time to get anything done with them.

If you still wish to proceed with licensure there, you will need to apply for licensure there as an RN, and use the License by Examination application.

Much has already been written here about specifics for there, please just use the search engine that we have here and best of luck to you.

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