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GRx TC7 vs CD27

I am a pre-nursing student who is hopefully starting CNA training within the next month and nursing school in Fall '09. I am starting to think about stethoscopes and what to get, which is why I am here.

After reading several posts I like the sounds of the GRx steths. They seem to have great reviews and a good price. While I have heard lots about the CD27, I haven't heard much about the TC7. I would love to hear from someone who has used the TC7 and how it compares. Thanks for any insight. I hope to maybe get myself one as a christmas gift from Santa.


Specializes in EMS.

hey there, As an EMT I personally use a GRx CD-27 it works great in the field, I use it for everything the sound is incredible my partner uses the TC7, in my opinion there really isn't much of a difference in sound quality between the two but I would go for the cd27 anytime.

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