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Grossmont Nursing 2017


Hello Everyone! Its almost time to apply to Grossmont's Nursing program to start in Fall 2017. I am just wondering how everyone is feeling and potential scores! I got a 82% on the Teas and am looking at about 83 points. What about everyone else?

Hi! I applied for Fall of 2017 but I think I'm only looking at around 79 points? I got about 3.3 on science GPA and I think maybe 3.75 on other core classes (all As but one B in speech). I have my MA cert and AS degree, 3 semesters of Spanish for the language, hopefully they will grant me all 5 of the life points and I got an 88 on my teas. I wish I had worked harder for As in anatomy and physiology, but I was taking them at night after work with a 3 year old at home, so I was just trying not to die that semester haha