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Great Website with lots of info


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Here is a great site to sign up for....it is the Nurse AdviseERR. In it there have been articles on accidental infusion of EBM per PIV, standard drug dilutions, etc, many things that have been in threads on here. It is free!


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We get a printout of their newsletter every month at work. They post it in the bathroom. Captive audience, I guess. LOL

It is information worth reading though.

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Yup...this is why when I see people post on here that they are still using IV syringes and tubing to hang feeds I cringe...we had it happen once in our unit by a new nurse that was having a really bad day, got overwhelmed and wasn't paying attention to something "as routine as hanging a feed". Luckily, it was caught before it got thru the T connector, but it is such a liabilty to not use an enteral feeding system.

This newsletter is very useful....and ours gets hung in the bathroom too lol