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I was in an acute care NP program when I entered monitoring. In my state, the BON does not allow RNP participants to be in graduate school. Are there states that allow participants to attend NP school?

Is your license encumbered in any way? If not, I know that Illinois allows it participants to be enrolled in school. I completed my agreement with the BON in IL and enrolled in grad school without being required to tell either party.

I have a monitoring contract in PA. It allows school- the school just has to have a copy of and be aware of the contract for anything requiring clinical (so you could do say non-clinical online stuff without having to disclose for example)

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I'm in AZ.  We can be in school, they have to sign an acknowledgment of your contract with the board.  You can take the licensing exam but will not be given your certificate until you complete the monitoring program with the board.  Good luck!!