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Graduate nurse (GN) salary in NM


Specializes in Telemetry, correctional.

I just accepted a job as a graduate nurse (GN) on a medical surgical floor. I am registered to take the NCLEX-RN December 22.

I just wanted to check and see before diving in, that the salary that was offered to me is fair. I'm having trouble finding GN salaries online.

I was offered $25.31 an hour including benefits. It's actually more than I expected the salary of a GN to be, but I don't know. Is this a fair salary? I believe the salary stays the same even after passing boards.

Thank you.

Totally depends on where you live! Here in colorado that's a great starting pay. Congrats!

Congratulations!!! I do not know if it is fair or not.

It's solid starting pay for most places in the state.