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Graduate Classes?


Although this is a long way off, I'm planning to eventually go to CRNA school. Currently I'm in the process of applying to nursing school. I'm reading through posts several times a week (just so excited to get going in nursing school, and it's the bonus excitement about getting that first big step towards CRNA!) and seeing a lot of stuff about GPA's, even from first BS degrees (mine was 12 years ago). I'm working really hard to get good grades in the last few pre-reqs needed for nursing school, but afterwards I'm wondering what classes I can take in the graduate side to help prepare for CRNA school and boost GPA more (I'm sure it was a low 2-something when I graduated 12 years ago)? Other than advanced A&P, maybe advanced chemistry of some sort, what would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance!

If you are going through an ADN program, make sure you get your BSN as soon as possible. Pertinent graduate courses include: A&P or Pathophysiology, Organic/Biochemistry, Physics (some programs actually have a physics pre-req), and some core MSN courses such as Research and Policy. Those are all good. Make sure you go straight into a good ICU. Orientation will not count towards your "experience" so just remember that too.