2009 Grads


Let me hear from the 2009 Grads. We need to motivate each other while we keep moving on. I will be graduating in the fall 2009.


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I graduate fall 09 also!!! Well, hopefully. With the nursing program I feel like it's more "if I graduate" than "when I graduate".

I graduate in the fall of 09 too. I am in a five semester program so only three more to go after this one!!


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I have until July 2009! :yeah:


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Hopefully, I too will be graduating in Dec 2009. Good Luck Everyone!


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May 2009 for me and I'm so excited!! Anyone know what they want to specialize in? I am so up in the air about this!


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I Graduate in May of 2009 and I am so excited...:yeah:


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August 09 here! Sooo excited to have a light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck to everyone, I think we all know what it took to get this far!


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June 2009! You know how I feel...


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My graduation from a BSN program in 2009 can't be here soon enough. Peds nursing is what I want to do. I love the children so much! :-)


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I graduate in May of 09, but I think I want to stay in school forever. I am so scared to be a real nurse!! I hope the next year and three months goes smoothly and hopefully by the end I'll feel more ready!

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I graduate May of 09. I'm up in the air between OR and starting out in the dreaded Med-Surg.

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