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Grades are In, I'm officially a second year Nursing Student

Breathe in, breathe out. I'll be starting the second year of a 2 yr associate program in September.

Good luck and congratulations to all who are waiting for grades.

Congratulations :yeah: Get some rest and come back rejuvenated!


Has 12 years experience.

Good job!


Has 4 years experience.

congrats! just got me grades a few hours ago--ALL B'S :) and i'm so happy with that! i'm officially a Level 4 nursing student & will graduate in December!! Keep up the good work!

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

Has 6 years experience. Specializes in LTC.

Congrats !!! I'm going into my last semester in the fall. This semester will be over next week. OP just remember that everything builds through out the program. You will do great in second year.

Congrats :yelclap:. I have 4 months left. I finish in October and graduate in December. Just think of this as the last stretch.


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