Yokosuka, Japan vs Portsmouth Va

  1. Hey guys looking for help in any way deciding on a duty station. I would be unaccompanied and like to be active. Anyone been at either and have recommendeds? I would be working in the ED/Trauma.
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  3. by   nurse2033
    You can always live in Virginia, but living in Japan might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Gannbatte!
  4. by   majeco2001
    Hi MissillCrisis,

    I am an active duty Marine of 13 years and will be commissioning in the Navy as a nurse in December. I am hoping to get Portsmouth as I have a wife and 2 young kids, otherwise, I would probably try to go oversees again. I only say this to give you a little background. My first duty station in the Marine Corps was Okinawa, Japan (2006). I was married at the time but got sent there for 2 years unaccompanied. My wife came out several times and we had a blast. My opinion would be to go to Japan. The culture is amazing, food is fantastic, and the opportunity to do something like that again may never present itself. You also have the opportunity to travel to other places relatively less expensive than what it would cost from stateside. If you go with an open mind, desire to learn, and a non-judgmental attitude, I believe it will be some of the best years of your life.