Prior military, need some advice

  1. Hello everyone. I just recently found this site, and am really happy there is a military forum. I wanted to get some advice, so if this is a re-hash of previous threads, I do apologize.

    When I graduated H.S., I did two years as a 91B at Ft.Riley. After that I graduated college with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, then went into the Navy(don't ask). I spent my enlistment as a Hospital Corpsman with the Marines, and as EMT-B and Search and Rescue Medical Technician.

    I am now getting my BSN in an accelirated course. I know the Navy has some good offers for nursing students, what about the Army? I would like to work in the ER, but the Navy is turning to civilians for that. Does anyone know about the other services? I know they all pay for continuing education, is there one service that offers more of an "advantage", in terms of actually being able to attend?

    Sorry for the long thread, and thanks in advance...
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