Precision Course Guarentee FY 2018

  1. Hi all! I am applying for Active Duty Army FY 18. I have been a MED/surgical Nurse for 6 years and if picked up for active duty this year, I hope to go straight to 66E Perioperative Nurse Course before my first duty station. I know with the Generic Course Guarentee you do a couple years of MED/surg at your first duty station then you can attend the 66E Course. I want to avoid this. I'm done with med/surg. I found out about the Precision Course which will allow me to go straight to 66E training bipasing med/surg. My recruiter says we fill out the same forms for both of these programs. I don't think he knows the actual process and I'm afraid I'll end up doing med/surg. What exact form do we need to complete for the PRECISION COURSE? Thank you.
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