nROTC program for nurses

  1. Hi folks,
    I was wondering if anyone has been through the navy's nROTC program...correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the way it works is that the navy would pay for your BSN education while you are in school and no service obligation would be required until after you graduated.
    Would I be able to go through this program and become an officer in the navy (active duty) upon graduation?
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  3. by   navydavey07

    Im in the navy rotc program now. I graduate in May with my BSN, and will come out an ensgin in the NC,, active duty. When i graduate, i owe them 8 years total, 4 actvie and 4 reserve. In the summer we are required to go on a month long cruise, where we either go on a ship for a month or to a hospital for a month. Other than that, and the rotc classes we take during the school year, we hav eno other military obligation while we are in school.
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