NAVY Direct Commission FY 12

  1. Hello all!!

    Does anyone know when/if the board is meeting in November for 2012 fiscal year?

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  3. by   Sw88t Pea
    They met mid-September. I was picked. I'm pumped.
  4. by   ERMags
    Curious if anyone figured out the answer to this questions because I am curious as well. My packet is being submitted this week. Fingers crossed! Congrats Sw88t Pea! What specialty will you be?
  5. by   Oldlove
    Good luck to you ERMags! Not sure when they'll meet but I just wanted to send some positive energy your way!
  6. by   ERMags
    Thanks!! I'm super nervous and have no idea what to expect, but my processor and recruiter keep telling me I have "a really great packet." Then again if there are no spots it doesn't matter how great my packet is, haha!! I'm trying to stay positive! Thanks again!!