ICU Nurse Consultant Interview

  1. Hello group. To anyone who has joined as an ICU nurse I have a question regarding the interviews. I'm being told that I have to interview with a chief nurse and ICU nurse consultant. Anyone that has gone through this process willing to elaborate on the ICU nurse consultant interview? I'm just curious what it was like, what types of questions are asked, any tips, and any extra information one might find useful. Thanks again everyone.
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  3. by   jfratian
    I didn't join the AF as an ICU nurse, but I am one now. I started in med-surg and did the ICU fellowship later.

    The point of the consultant interview is to make sure your ICU skills are up to par with what the AF needs. Generally speaking, they don't want ICU nurses from small community hospitals. An ideal candidate would have surgery/trauma, neuro, or burns ICU experience in a level 1 trauma center...i.e. stuff you would see while deployed. I'd highlight my comfort with any of the following skills: CRRT, ECMO, EVDs/ventriculostomies, SWANs (or advanced hemodynamic monitoring: flow trac), rotaprone beds.

    Things that would make you stand out: certifications (CCRN especially), teaching (such as ACLS or PALS), mentoring/training newbies/students, and shift leading/charge nurse.