Collective bargaining; is it a good thing?

  1. Collective bargaining; is it a good thing for nurses?
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
  4. by   armyobrn
    you betcha!!
  5. by   clint
    Thanks for your thought!
  6. by   esselmulen
    It can't hurt, for too long management has used the compassion of nurses as a bludgeon "How could you abandon your patients?"
    If a situation becomes unbearable due to managements refusal to adequately staff, the responsibility for the patients care is also in their hands. A burned out nurse is no good for the patients, the management or themselves.
  7. by   DelGR
    Absolutely!! It helps keep management honest. Even though we can't strike, we can and do have a voice with a union. They'd love to divide and conquer us one at a time and do so if there isn't a union for grievances.